23.05.2023 - Ohhh what amazing news! MILOW (Silroxaya's Amadeus) will become DADDY!

At the end of June or beginning of July will the litter be expected at Stefanie Luisser ...von den Himmelssternen.


So Roxy will be a granny again. So of course she will be getting more white hair with them... *hahaha* and Ava will become their auntie...

22.04.2023 - Today it's Roxy's 8th birthay what we are celebrating. How could this be? Time is flowing by so fast... Hopefully we still have many good and joyous years and adventures to come...

10.04.2023 - another nice day in the sun and enough time fokr starting a good training again ;-)

01.04.2023 - Time has come to say goodbye. Happy families are awaiting their new puppy and with a happy and a sad eye I wish them an amazing future.

12.02.2023 - all puppies are developing very well and today they all tripled their birth weight ;-)

02.02.2023 - The puppies are born! It was a beautiful, easy and uneventfull arriving of 5 sweet puppies and Ava is the perfect mum.

More oncoming infos and pictures from the puppies you will find at "puppies/litter planning"

26.01.2023 - ...the best is yet to come... Can't await the beginning of February... ;-)

We are now in the last week of pregnancy. Ava seems to be more grown now and her belly is getting round now. We are prepared... ;-)


28.12.2022 - Today pregnancy got confirmed, so we are awaiting puppies at the beginning of February :-D

06.-09.12.2022 - enjoying some beautiful days with Ava's sister Luna (Silroxaya's Arwen) at the vast Baltic Sea.

04.12.2022 - enjoying another beautiful day in The Netherlands with it's typical windmills at Kinderdeijk.


03.12.2022 - arrival in The Netherlands and meeting beautiful chosen SIMPLY RED AND WHITE RÚNAR for Ava's date. They liked each other immediately and so it went perfectly fine.


02.12..2022 - Progesterone is rising... tomorrow it will be time for the mating... so for now we are going to pack our luggage ;-)






26.11.2022 - final test of the season at SVÖ Stadlau:

Today Roxy did great at IBGH-3 at SVÖ (German Shepherd Club Austria) Stadlau. I am so pleased with my old girl that she could show that she is able to do this kind of obedience that well and with such joy.  :-D

Love her to the moon and back and hope for many more joyful years to come.

05.11.2022 - Alexandra Kriz Turnier at ÖGV Heustadlwasser:

Today I started with Roxy at our first tournament in IBGH-3 class. It was a wonderful experience and we reached our goal to pass this exam successfully :-)

01.10.2022 - IHA Tulln

23.07.2022 - last dog exam before summer break at ÖGV Wien-Süd with an extreme heat of 33°C:


Roxy reached 77 points (= satisfactory) participating at the FCI-IGP - Begleithundeprüfung 2 (an obedience exam) despite this extreme summper heat. So for passing the exam we got a very nice silver batch from "ÖGV". Of course the result could have been a bit better, but instead of accepting a sit command Roxy decided to keep standing on the spot made us missing a few points and at the end of the exam I wanted to send her running some metres away and than lay down at command, she prefered to stay with me. ;-) Nevertheless the rest was really good and I'm satisfied with that. That last part of the exam we will have to train a bit better but therefore we will wait for colder temperatures.


Milow nevertheless showed perfect results with his owner Melanie at his "Stöber"-exam. There he had to find 5 small things spread out in a field and point them to his owner. In only 3 minutes he as accomplished this task with nearly perfect style and reached with 96 points (of 100) an excellent result.

26.06.2022 - Setter Derby 2022 in front of an amazing Castle Liechtenstein in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria

Ava und Milow attended in open class and showed very nicely again ;-)








This evening 4 nice male und 2 sweet female puppies had their start in this world and hopefully into a long and wonderful live. 


We are very happy with these 6 spring greetings and will post all news and the developement of the Silroxaya's A-litter under puppies






13.02. - now on day 24th it's confirmed --> We are awaiting puppies!!!


Today we couldn't await the results of the ultrasound but we didn't need to worry. As soon as we connected the probe to Roxy's belly, we immediately got lots of ampullas on the screen. 

So now we can officially announce many sweet babies from Roxy & Duke arriving around the 21st of March :-)

25.01. - Today we got a perfect result of Roxy's "Genetic Diversity" sent from the Veterinary Genetic Labors of the UC Davis. Her genetic IR (= internal relatedness) is only -0,05, which means she has lots of heterozygot alleles in her DNA.

20.01. - Roxy was happy to visit her friend Duke. After playing and running around they mated without any difficulties.

-> litter planning at the end of March 2019 :-D


So now we are awaiting Ultrasound results to confirm the pregnancy… 

 Rock'n'Roll Girl Shadow Dog & Limelane's Deep Secret Duke


10.06. - IHA Klagenfurt - Today Roxy got everything she needed to become "Austrian Champion" (ÖCH) and even "International Show Champion" (C.I.E.). Therefore she now has everything needed to really start her breeding career and we will explore this thrilling adventure next year together.

22.04. - Character test at the Austrian Setter Club successfully passed… ;-)

Roxy had lots of fun and played around in the breaks and especially she loved swimming in the little lake